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Greetings, Devicitizens!

We have some special news to you all, as June 12th we will launch our new Webshop, new Website and a full and complete guide on how to play Devikins.


We’ve created an all new website, with a new design much more easy on the eyes and from there you will be able to access some of our new features, like our Player’s Guide, our Webshop, our updated Roadmap and if you have any problem, you can contact us sending an message to our support.


Devikins - Shop

This new area from the website is for those who don’t want to miss any deals, as the Webshop is full with discount packages for you to equip you devikin to the max.

Right from the start you will find 4 packages for you to buy and these items will be changed seasonally, so be sure to check the Webshop once in a while.

Player’s Guide

We know that to be able to master the knowledge you need to know everything from the game, so that is why we are giving to our players the way to be the best in the game.

Our new Player’s Guide (link) will come in hand if you already know the basics but still want to improve, here you can find anything about Devikins, the Void and how to play.

For our new players, we have an special section called Beginner's Guide (link) and if you or any friend of yours are having trouble learning the ropes, here is the place for you to start your journey.


Do you want to know what are we preparing for you and the Void for the future? You don’t have to guess it no more, as you can check our updated Roadmap, that contains everything we have planned for 2024.



Devikins - Support

You will also be able to access our support from our website, if you have any questions, trouble with your account or anything wrong, just click on our support link and our team will be more than happy to help you out.

So don’t be shy and come to the Void to play with us!

Best Regards,
Devikins Team

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