Devikins Full Release, and Future Plans


Our first story arc is brought to a close with the addition of two new regions. The fourth region, Saccharine Dust, will be available on Day One — and the fifth region, Tiny Town, will be available a month later, so as to give players enough time to catch up and work their way through the campaign. We’ve also restructured the drops for all stages to offer a better and more tactical player experience.

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Secondly, Combat is getting its own level-up that will challenge your skill and wits with Bounty Hunts and the Battle Pass! These two new features are intertwined, with the Devikins Battle Pass being a new monthly feature to earn exclusive and exciting rewards. We will kick off the first Battle Pass by releasing a brand new skill, Glare, along with costume and weapon skins as well as progression items. Bounty Hunts are daily and weekly combat missions you can complete to earn Battle Pass points, letting you reach milestones and the amazing rewards that come with them! Every month, we will have a brand new themed battle pass available to all players.

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Third, we’ve revamped how Guild scores are calculated. Your score is no longer decided by a boring sum of all member’s levels. Guild Fame will decide your Guild score. Guild Fame is accrued based on the guild members prowess in both PvP modes at the end of a season/league, and from completing all daily Chores. More ways to earn Guild Fame may be added in the future.

Finally, Season 4 will kick off along with more balancing tweaks. We are adding a new characteristic to weapons, called Base Accuracy.

Base Accuracy is multiplied by Skill Accuracy to give your final hit chance. Evasion is still used in this calculation. Some weapon types will be more accurate than others, so it’s easier to hit skills that miss more frequently when using them. On the other end, very powerful weapons with an accuracy penalty might miss more often. Base Accuracy is a constant value per weapon type, for example: All Books have +10% Base Accuracy, so when using a skill that has 90 Accuracy, your final Accuracy will be 100, minus the target’s evasion..

And that’s not all! We have a handful of new features being designed to come with future updates:

  • World Boss, a co-op PvE event that involves the entire player base!
  • AI vs AI matches where players can bet on the battle outcome
  • Guild Wars, a Guild vs Guild three phase event
  • Factions, a Guild feature with progression and combat buffs

To celebrate this news, we will be offering in the store for one day only a limited run of the Karate Master costume, which can be purchased on August 26th in-game from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC.

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