Devikins 2.1 — The World Serpent, and Login Via Game Service


Tearing its way into the Void, the World Serpent sets its eyes on Devikin, eager to make a meal of every one it finds. Our first World Boss — a cooperative PvE event — the World Serpent boasts five levels of increasing difficulty and with them, increasing rewards. Take only your best when challenging it, because this is going to be the most fearsome foe you’ve faced yet.


Coming alongside the World Serpent is a new way to login and play Devikins, using Google Play and iOS’ Game Center account system. With this, new players aren’t required to create a Moonlabs account, and instead can login directly via the Google Play Store and their Google account, or the iOS Game Center and their Apple Account.

We must be clear that due to the function of logging in via these separate game services, players do not have immediate access to external crypto management, such as withdrawing DVK and NFTs. This added login method is focused towards newcomers from the Web2 gaming scene.

This Update will be launching in the coming weeks, and we’ll be giving a specific date soon so you can prepare your roster for the challenge of a lifetime.


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We would also like to wish all our friends south of the 49th parallel a Happy Thanksgiving, and to everyone else celebrating across the globe. We hope you’re enjoying it with good food and even greater company.

Keep your eye out for future World Bosses, as well as the addition of three more features to Devikins:

  • AI vs AI matches where you can bet on the battle outcome
  • Guild Wars, a Guild vs Guild three phase event
  • Factions, a Guild feature with progression and combat buffs

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